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That episode was amazing. Simply fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Really fantastic.

I loved the relationship between the Three Doctors. I liked Billie Piper too.

But I fangasmed when Tom Baker appeared. AHSHDKMDJFNKFD:S

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I could swear I’m the only one who sees the connection with Queen Elizabeth wanting the Tenth Doctor dead in The Shakespeare Code with Queen Elizabeth being in The Day of the Doctor. Anyone? … Any… One?

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God guys, obviously I made this ironically. But really, don’t take me seriously.

God guys, obviously I made this ironically. But really, don’t take me seriously.

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Mega Venusaur


For those who are saying the only difference between Venusaur and Mega Venusaur is an extra flower on his head, you are WRONG.


He gets one on his ass as well.

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You should never come between a Pokemon and its food.


You should never come between a Pokemon and its food.

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Baron Herisson.

Through my many battles in the Battle Chateau, I’ve met Baron Herisson many times, the Baron whose dream is to have a Baroness and a nice Aqua Jet.


I support him.

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The Battle Chateau

You know, I love the Battle Chateau. It’s a great way to train up, and I’m glad you can fight the Gym Leaders again.

But maybe they could increase the ranks of some of the trainers so they can make progress too. There’s still Evran, who’s ‘the next Viscount in the making’, but it’s been a month and he’s still a Baron.

I also wish the dialogues could change with your rank or something. I mean, Herault still thinks I’ll never beat him after I’ve beaten him day after day. And fuckin’ Moray still thinks I’m a commoner.


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Winning The Race.

So my friend and I were playing on our 3DS’ on the bus. I was training in the Battle Chateau in Pokemon X, and he was playing Mario Kart 7. He was playing the Grand Prix in Singleplayer.

He was 1st, and he was getting really hyped up. He passed the finish line, slammed down his 3DS and started cheering and dancing. Later, he picked his 3DS back up to do the next race.

As it turns out, he’d just finished his second lap.

ba-dum tsss

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I feel empty.

Obviously I finished Pokemon X last month. Dual Destinies is also complete, as well as Azran Legacies. RWBY is over for Season 1, and Minecraft is getting somewhat boresome.

So what now? I mean, Link Between Worlds comes out next week and I’ve pre-ordered the Special Edition with the awesome Sound Chest. There’s also Day of the Doctor next Saturday, which I’ll be watching with friends, while doing a Doctor Who quiz and playing Monopoly (Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Edition! O.O). 

Hmm, so what to do while I wait? Well there’s Korra, I guess… And I can always train up my Pokemon team. Speaking of, here it is…

Delta the Aegislash

Revia the Scyther (soon-to-be-Scizor)

Ary the Florges

Wander the Noivern

Mephisto the Heliolisk

Geno the Barbaracle

I took my two starters out so I could try and find other new Pokemon to battle with. I’m doing a run in which I can only use Gen VI Pokemon, except my Mega. I’m not sure about the new two, Heliolisk and Barbaracle. Are they any good?

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Pre-Pokemon X/Y: Augustine Sycamore is born. He studies evolution under Professor Rowan but finds it difficult. He becomes a Pokemon Professor in some other subject.

Pokemon X/Y: Augustine helps some guys/girls travel through the region and stuff happens.

Pre-Azran Legacies: Augustine changes his name to Desmond Sycamore and travels to Froenborg.

Azran Legacies: Desmond meets Professor Layton and they travel around the world to collect the five Azran eggs. He betrays them and reveals…

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Professor Sycamore.

Oh my God, the professor guy from Azran Legacies is called Professor Sycamore.



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